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         TO GOD WE PRAY,       


              TIME OF DISCERNMENT...

               TIME OF FULFILLMENT...





Our presence in the present brings much to ponder and not so many places to wander. YET THE WONDER of it all, strikes deep within. WHERE DID HUMANITY go wrong..? Where did WE ALL STUMBLE. We are ALL guilty and/or played a part as to where and WHY we are all here today-this minute. As even if you travel daily with any entity of the Holy Trinity, you will have to come back down for rest and nourishment. Hence returning to the low frequency of deceit and darkness accepted by the masses-We The People. But more so by approximately 95% of the world. YES...-that is correct. The enemy has done a more than splendid job in having us steered towards his ultimate home within the lake of fire.  YET THERE MAY BE NOW, time to jump ship and swim hard, fast, and frequently back to safety. BACK TO GOD'S Earth and hopefully thereafter flying to his eternal kingdom.

Fortunately, not all of the world HAS GONE MAD. There are still places where the light shines bright. Where thy neighbors are kind, diligent, and thoughtful. Where focus is mainly on spiritual fulfillment, observance and duty to our maker, and lastly where the ends fit EVERLASTING means. Where nature exists to accommodate God's children without a stout hindrance or much delay. To this day I long for such a habitat filled with accountability, wisdom, focused energy and vigor in God. Some will say come to Small Town, USA., or Any City, Peru. Yet even being somewhat well traveled, I still find that such a land only exists far from urban landscapes. Surrounded mostly only by nature and with a small airport. WHY am I describing such an implied sought after place...?

Well for one, they do still exist. BUT 2ndly and without so much nature; we can have such a place and atomsphere almost anywhere. WE ARE THE CURRENT KEEPERS OF THE LAND. Our inhabitance is measured by the ))))))))))))))))))


WE-all humans, ABANDONED God's plan decades and decades ago. We did not have to, nor did we ever really question WHY we did-the vast majority of us and our past generations anyhow. (And at the very least here in the states.) Materialism brought together with an easier way of  life and mostly FREE entertainment MAD HUMANITY very lethargic. BUT MORE SO..., many of us and our families prior swayed slowly away from the church, from our preachers, from ultimately GOD and HIS PLAN. Sure we mention his name every often and/or say a prayer when we need his help. BUT..., that is not going to take you anywhere, where you ultimately want to be. YOU SEE..., we're ALL put here to work-NO MATTER how hard or easy. We are ALSO put here to fulfill our purpose-NO MATTER how big or small. WELL..., and please let me catch my breath. WELLLLLL..., when you-YES YOU, as a physical-fleshly being, are BOMBARDED on the daily with flouride in your water, genetically modified food substances, sugar,